[NEWS] Reporting ASEAN: Southeast Asia Puts Local Flavor in News Literacy Efforts


“Set up in 2016, Mafindo has led many initiatives against hoaxes, as fabricated online material are called in Indonesia. Started four years ago as Facebook forum, its work on combating disinformation ranges from its own daily fact-checking to training journalists and the general public.

STOP Hoax Indonesia is Mafindo’s biggest program in terms of participants and volunteers involved in educating mothers and family members to become “hero(es) in fighting disinformation via workshops, sharing sessions and other direct-engagement activities and also web series videos,” Sasmito said.

Siberkreasi (National Digital Literacy Movement) is a collaboration between Mafindo and other groups doing digital-literacy education. Separately, Mafindo is also being supported by Google News Initiative, Alliance of Independent Journalists-Indonesia and Internews in providing thousands of participants including journalists in order to fight online disinformation with the help of 60 trainers so far.

Its Cek Fakta project did real-time fact checking during live debates in the April 2019 presidential campaign and on election day, and plans to do the same during the 2020 local election.”

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