[ACARA] Partisipasi MAFINDO di “Global Media Literacy Summit 2019”


Santi Indra Astuti, Ketua Komite Penelitian dan Pengembangan MAFINDO, hadir sebagai peserta dan panelis di acara “Global Media Literacy Summit 2019” pada 5 September 2019 oleh Google.


Kuang Keng Kuek Ser: “the dram video shared by Santi of @TurnBackHoax on fighting misinformation as a family can be watched here: https://youtu.be/uhsftQKs7O8 #GMLS19” http://bit.ly/2lznC38

Isa Sonnenfeld: “Very inspiring media literacy project by Santi Indra Astuti @TurnBackHoax to enable housewifes in Indonesia as social agents against disinformation. Their advanced knowledge will positively influence their childrens media literacy #GMLS19” http://bit.ly/2k2GxTn

facta: “Such a great project! Very good idea and one we should try out as well: @TurnBackHoax, a powerful approach” http://bit.ly/2m35A9C

Daniela Machado: “A Indonésia está empoderando donas de casa para combater desinformação com o programa @TurnBackHoax. Exemplo interessantíssimo apresentado no Global Media Literacy Summit, organizado pelo Google. #GMLS19” http://bit.ly/2lEZfBa

(“Indonesia is empowering housewives to combat misinformation with the @TurnBackHoax program. Interesting example presented at the Global Media Literacy Summit, hosted by Google. Google. #GMLS19” http://bit.ly/2jYeUL8)

The Student View: “It’s been a great day hearing from a huge range of amazing organisations: @gdn_foundation and @Literacy_Trust in the UK to mention just two British orgs, and from @mediawise in the US to @TurnBackHoax in Indonesia. #GMLS19” http://bit.ly/2lyXipR

Ben Malbon: “Fascinating stuff from Mafindo’s Santi Indra Astuti talking about equipping young people & mothers to help fight misinformation in Indonesia. Excellent panel moderated by Kirstine Føge Jensen from The Guardian Foundation [@gdn_foundation] on reaching the hardest to reach. #GMLS19” http://bit.ly/2lYgnli

Love Frankie: “@TurnBackHoax representing Indonesia” http://bit.ly/2m3YHVB

Google News Initiative: “Measuring impact, thinking bigger & reaching international audiences. Industry experts from around the world are coming together for the Global Media Literacy Summit in London. For more: #GMLS19 Plus read how Google is working with the industry: https://www.blog.google/outreach-initiatives/google-news-initiative/elevating-quality-journalism/” http://bit.ly/2lHkIJp

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